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Burgaw Middle School Mentoring Program

Ray with model

For several months Ray Benton has been mentoring some Burgaw Middle School students using construction of models airplanes as an instruction medium. Up to 20 students have been enrolled in this program. Ray and the kids meet about every other week at 1:30 p.m. in a middle school annex class room.

The model building started with simple paper airplanes and progressed through stick and tissue models. In between there have been cardboard hand launched gliders, balsa wood gliders, and rubber powered sheet balsa models. The youngsters even learned how to carve propellers to power the rubber powered planes.

Along the way, Ray has taught the students the basic principles of airplane flight using Young Eagle Ground School concepts. Do they know how a wing produces lift? You bet! Do they know what drag and thrust are? Sure! Are they ready to go for a Young Eagle flight? Absolutely! At the most recent session Ray handed out Young Eagles brochures and invited the kids to come to Stag and become Young Eagles.

Ray has not done this program on his own. Several other Chapter members, including Garry Brown, Gary Sigvaldsen, Jim Flippen and others have assisted.