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Young Eagle Rally News

Girl Scout ground school

May 2011 Girl Scout Young Eagle Rally at Stag Air Park

On Friday and Saturday, April 29th and 30th, 2011, EAA Chapter 297 conducted its first Young Eagle Rally for a Girl Scout troop. Ann Thur, assisted by Karen Ellison, conducted the ground school on Friday evening at the Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Wilmington. The girls from Troop 617 completed worksheets and group quizzes to demonstrate their aviation knowledge requirements for the Aviation Badge. They also flew foam plate gliders to see how airplane control surfaces affect flight.

On Saturday morning the girls traveled to Stag Air Park where Chapter pilots, VernonPitts, Mark Thoman, TomGoodwin, Marl Verrill, Gary Brown and Randy Allen minted 17 new Young Eagles. Ground support at the flying session was provided by Anna Pennington, Gary Henderson and Jack Grigsby. John Jeffreys showed the girls how to do a pre-flight inspection on Phil Ellisonís C-170. The girls brought cookies (what else) as a thank you gift.

A special treat for the girls was meeting and talking with Captain Sara Roberts USMC, MV-22 Instructor Pilot.

May 2011 BSA Rally

May 2011 Boy Scout Young Eagle Rally at Air Wilmington

We did it and it was a record rally for our Chapter. Chapter 297, with the very generous help from Air Wilmington, the Wilmington International Airport, the Wilmington Control Tower, twelve pilots, 8 ground support personnel, When the dust had settled we were richer by 170 new, smiling Young Eagles. There were many smiles on the pilots and ground support folks as well. In addition, 15 Scouts and three leaders got to take a rare tour the Wilmington control tower.

The ground school portion of the rally was tailored to the requirements for the Boy Scour Aviation badge and was done on Friday evening, May 6th, with about 190 boys attending. The Power Point presentation was carefully crafted by Ann Thur, John Jeffrey's daughter, who reinforced the slide lessons with four handout quizzes. During intermission of the two hour program the Scouts were given foam plate gliders, all made by Ann and John, to fly in the hangar.

After a delayed start on Saturday because of dense fog at the airport, with a back up of waiting customers, the Young Eagle flights got underway at 10:30 and continued throughout the day until shortly after 2:30. With twelve planes and pilots the backlog was reduced to near normal within an hour or so and all went smoothly thereafter.

These volunteers made this rally a truly memorable one. Ground Support: Anna Pennington, Bob Pennington, Glenn Hughes, Hunter Hughes, Dave Moore, Gary Henderson, Bo Pennnock and Jack Grigsby.

Pilots: Ben Eby, Todd Finley, Tom Goodwin, Gabe Glinsky, Ken McGee, Doug Oakley from the Oak Island EAA Chapter, John Perritt, Floyd Price, Robin Spinks, Mark Thoman, Vince Tryer and Mark Verrill.

Bo Pennock handled the cooking chores by preparing the hot dogs and fixin's for the volunteer's lunch.

July 14 2011 Camp Bower

Young Eagles from camp Bower July 14, 2011

While the number of Boy Scouts Earning their Aviation badges at Camp Bower has been down this year there were 9 who came to the Elizabethtown airport on July 14th for a Young Eagle ride. Tom Goodwin flew from KILM to KEYF on Thursday evening and was greeted by the 9 Young Eagle candidates and their leader. The weather was exceptional, with a high overcast and a cool breeze which was very welcome after several days of scortching temperatures.

Tom flew the boys in three flights and took them on a senic ride over the area including the three lakes to the west of the field. By the time the flights were over dusk was setting in making the return trip to KILM a spectacular sight.